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Bollywood Section 1
Latest news from film and movie industry of India, Bollywood.
Interviews of the stars and celebrities from Bollywood film, their costar heros and heroines.

Movies section of bollywood at HamDesi.com.

First Look of the forthcoming movies and film.

Previews of film and movies before they are released.
Promos, trailers or teasers from bollywood films and movies.
Still pictures from bollywood films and movies.
Reviews of the bollywood film just released or running near you in threaters and our reports on its performance.

Bollywood section 2

Wallpepers of bollywood film actors and actresses with a diffrence.

Stills pictures and photgraphs of the film personalities from bollywood.

Biographies of the Bollywood Stars.

Bollywood events this week 'Reports'.

Top Ten section.

Top ten films of the week, updates every weekend.

Top ten songs of the week from bollywood, updates weekly.

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Bollywood Chatroom
24 Hours LIVE
Indians and Pakistanis from UK, USA and Canada.

Desi Masala Chat
: Indian / Pakistani / Sri Lanka / Nepal / Bhutan

Desi Girls Chat
24 Hours online Asian Community Portal, Moderated Chat.

UK Asian Chat
24 Hours Online UK Asian desi chat room.

Kerala Chat
Kerala Chat – The Malayalam Chat Room is dedicated to ethnic malayalees Indians those like to meet NRI visitors from UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Australia. Kerala chat family is a tribute to all Keralites, all over the world representing a unique community, blessed by God, with immense natural beauty and talents.

US English Desi Chat
Chat for South Asians from United Kingdom and United States of America. Chatting their friends world over.

All India Chat
All India chat for Indian chat community 

Desi Chat
Chat for Pakistani and Indians from world over

Pakchat Masti
Pak Chat Masti the pakchat online urdu / hindi chat rooms

India FM Chat
24 Hours Live Indians and Pakistani from all over the world


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